Synodical Commission for Diaconal Services

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This group ensures that the strategy and policy of Diaconia Management Board is applied with regard to the main tasks of the ministry. They also make suggestions to improve strategy and execution. The executive committee has equal representation from URCSA CAPE and the Dutch Reformed Church Western Cape’s synodal ministries for diaconate and ministry chaired by Gerome Haupt (URCSA CAPE) and Dawid de Wet (DRC Western Cape).



The ministry decided to focus primarily on Early Childhood Development as a vehicle to congregational diaconate and community engagement and set out to secure funds and foster partnerships with congregations to this effect. We partner in this regard with:


  • Nuwe Hoop Centre for the Hearing Impaired;
  • Churches Channels of Hope HIV/AIDS Training for ministers and congregational leaders;
  • Bursaries for tertiary studies for URCSA students;
  • August: Month of Compassion in URCSA and DRC and the ministry makes special efforts to encourage congregations and members to show compassion to the world. Congregations are requested to use August as an opportunity to focus on this part of the church’s calling.


Rev. Sean Esterhuizen
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