The Cape Regional Synod forms part of the Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa.

The URCSA is divided into seven regional synods, namely:

  • Cape Synod
  • Phororo (Northern Cape)
  • Kwazulu-Natal
  • Free State
  • Northern Transvaal
  • Namibia, and
  • Lesotho

In 1994 the Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa (URCSA) was established through the union of the former Dutch Reformed Mission Church (DRMC) and the Dutch Reformed Church in Africa (DRCA).

In 1966 the DRMC decided in favour of structural unity between the churches of the DRC family. The DRCA put a similar emphasis on unification in 1975. It took another 19 years for that ideal to be partially fulfilled.

The Dutch Reformed Church (NGK) did not join the union of the DRMC and the DRCA. The name of the URCSA (in the continuous tense) and its logo (an incomplete circle) reflect the church’s emphasis on and hope for the re-unification of the DRC family and the wider family of God

(*Note: Revisit the official logo with the incomplete circle on our website)

In the process of unification, the Confession of Belhar with its strong emphasis on unity, reconciliation and justice was adopted in 1986 by the DRMC. This is very much the motivating power by which the URCSA lives. In addition, URCSA’s confessional bases are the Apostles’, Nicene and Athanasian Creeds, with the Canons of Dordt, the Belgic Confession (Confession Belgica) and the Heidelberg Catechism..

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