SMJM  (Support Ministry for Judicial Matters)

AFRIKAANS: PRK (Permanente Regskommissie)




The Synod appoints a Judicial Ministry, which functions as a commission for the revision of Stipulations and Rules.  It consists of five members: the actuarius as an ex officio member and scribe, and four other members, with secundi. This ministry has the right to co-opt additional members, preferably with a legal background.



  • Giving guidance and advice to smaller meetings (mindere vergaderings) regarding problematic situations which may lead to litigation in civil courts;
  • In exceptional cases legal advice may be obtained at the cost of the synod;
  • Sending the proposals for revision of the Church Order, Stipulations and Rules, which he received timeously (see Stipulation 61.3), to the scribe of synod;
  • The Ministry’s report, containing its advice on these proposals, is tabled during one of the first sessions of the Synod meeting;
  • All proposals for the revision of Stipulations and Rules must be sent to the scribe of the Ministry at least four months before the meeting of Synod;
  • Licensing (legitimeer) all the candidates for the ministry who successfully completed a colloquium doctum and are recommended by the assessment committee of the curatorium (final examination commission [eindeksamenkommissie]).


Rev. DP Carelse
[email protected]