Operational Support Team for Youth Ministry




  • Creating an integrated Youth Ministry in URCSA Cape, with the goal of equipping, developing and mentoring the children and youth of URCSA Cape (ages 5 to 35 years) in a holistic way – spiritually, socially and personally.



  • Inspiring our children and youth to be true followers of Jesus Christ;
  • Creating a culture of unconditional love and acceptance, nurturing an environment where more involvement is encouraged;
  • Creating a Youth Ministry where all its ministries are integrated;
  • Guiding the youth of URCSA Cape to one common goal and mission;
  • Training and equipping members of youth ministries in URCSA Cape to become vibrant leaders;
  • Enhancing intergenerational worship and communication;
  • Developing a syllabus for children and Youth Ministry in URCSA Cape, in collaboration with the Faculty of Theology (Stellenbosch University);
  • Addressing relevant, topical issues in society and church – sexuality, violence against the vulnerable, internal unity, etc.


Focus Areas

  • Sunday schools and Kinderbond;
  • Catechism processes;
  • Christian Youth Ministry (CYM);
  • Brigade;
  • URCSA Student Society (URCSASSOC) – welcoming all tertiary student in URCSA Cape.



  • Lack of an integrated Youth Ministry;
  • Lack of a full time youth minister in synodical service;
  • Financial constraints and challenges in URCSA Cape youth ministries;
  • Fatherless families and absent parents;
  • Lack of intentional intergenerational worship.



Rev. Danny Bock
+27 84 996 1100
[email protected]