List of PROPONENTS and re-admission of ministers after COLLOQUIUM DOCTUM



The Curatorium is a regional church synod commission that supervises the theological training of URCSA CAPE’s theological students and operates as agent of the General Synod.


  • to get every student ready for her/his ministry by means of quality teaching and congregational practices;
  • to ensure an ecclesiastical curriculum of high quality;
  • to focus on the development of the theological students’┬ápersonalities,┬átheir spirituality and morality;
  • the legitimation of the final year theological students in order to declare them eligible in service of the church


  • the shortage of bursaries has to be addressed;
  • we have to recruit more students;
  • the shortage of accommodation for students.


  • The Curatorium of the DR Church


Dr Natie Philander