Confession of Belhar


About the ENGLISH version of the Belhar Confession:

Already in 2008 the General Synod of the URCSA revisited the English translation and approved a more inclusive version of the Confession of Belhar which replaced the earlier English version.

[Note: The synod of the former Dutch Reformed Mission Church (DRMC) adopted the draft Confession of Belhar in 1982 with the accompanying letter. These two documents should always be read together.]

In 1986 the DRMC adopted the Confession of Belhar in its final version in Afrikaans. The 2008 General Synod of the Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa (URCSA), which resulted from the reunification between the former Dutch Reformed Church in Africa (DRCA) and the DRMC, declared the 1986 Afrikaans version to be the original source document.

The 2008 URCSA General Synod in addition adopted the English translation (see above 2nd bullet) as the official English version.