Christian Men’s Ministry


2022: Letter-3-February
2021: Strategic Session
2021: Presentation at Regional Synod Strategic Session
2020: Cape Region Interim report to the fourth CMM General Elective Congress sitting in Kimberley
2019: Regional Report


To be a Christian Men’s Ministry that strives to optimal realization of the current and future potential skills in the URCSA Christian Men Community in order to participate actively in the mission of God to the world.

Actions of this ministry:

  • Prayer groups at congregational level: Many conduct their prayer sessions / meetings either on Friday or Saturday (mostly) and / or Sunday (after service). This is administered as per their operational requirements and the suitable days as they deem see fit.
  • Congregational Conference is held annually (preferably in April as constituted).
  • Presbytery Conference once a year, except in the year of when the Regional Synod Christian Men’s Congress takes place (every four year), in which case it constitutes at the Regional Synod Christian Men’s Ministry Congress.
  • Regional Synod Congress is held every four years prior to the meeting of the Church Regional Synod.
  • General Synod Congress shall meet once in four years. This should happen before the Church General Synod.


  • Delayed response with no immediate acknowledgement receipt of the correspondence.
  • Financial constraints as the result of not being able to pay the levies dues because of the economical and social challenges. The wide spread of the demarcations (that have a negative impact towards the means of transportation and interactions) and the high rates of unemployment.
  • Decrease of membership as a result of the exodus from the various provinces/regions due to retirement. For an example, the retirees moving back to their place/home of origins. In our case (normally from the Western Cape back to the Eastern Cape).
  • No clear structural activities with the relevant programmes of action cascaded down from CMM General Synod to the lower respective structures to account. A challenge to align with the different ministries (An Integrated Ministries Model). A shared vision and mission to adhere. We are faced with the digital innovations that we MUST learn/acquire the virtual means to apply the technology that has become vital. We are challenged with the Fourth Industrial Revolution that has become the order of the introduced system to live with amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • During the Sate of Disaster declaration of the lockdown countrywide, our ministerial activities to worship as we used to, became less functioning.

Contribution and Levy fees

Due date for the contributions is before but no later than 31st March every year:

  • CMM General Synod contributions = R200-00 per Branch.
  • CMM Cape Region contributions = R300-00 per Branch.

Levy Breakdowns:

  • Cape Regional Fee = R150-00
  • Sub Regional Fee = R80-00
  • Presbytery Fee = R70-00

The contributions mentioned above, each Branch / Congregation make their payments through their respective Presbytery’s Account. And further more allocated to the respective Synodical Accounts. The concerned Account details are provided (see the minutes on URCSA Itinarha – Uitenhage meeting held on 26th October 2019 on page 2 (5.1) & page 3 (5.3.2).


Elder MH Menziwa (chairperson)
+27 82 663 9076
[email protected]

Br K Molada (scribe)
+27 82 424 2754
[email protected]