Throughout the country, churches kick off their year with a Week of Prayer sermon series. This provides churches with the opportunity to pray for their communities, families, schools, social services, leaders, etc. It also serves the purpose of starting the year with the right mindset and focusing on what truly matters.

As part of CLF’s online ministry, we compile an annual Week of Prayer sermon series. It is popular among many churches – even those without a full-time pastor. This year is no exception.

This year’s series is written by Ronell Bezuidenhout and is dedicated to exploring the Lord’s Prayer. This compilation invites churches on a spiritual journey through the timeless and meaningful verses of the Lord’s Prayer.

Our hope is that churches and individuals will rediscover the relevance and transformative power of this prayer. May you find hope and enrichment through this series! May it encourage you and cultivate the right mindset for you in 2024.

Dr. Mias van Jaarsveld (CLF editor)