Prop. Kholosa Blessing Gxabe was born and raised in the picturesque coastal city of East London in the Eastern Cape.

Tell us more about your birthplace and the key individuals who greatly influenced your formative years.

“When thinking of the people who have influenced me in my life, the first thing that comes to mind is the spirit of Ubuntu, thanks to the diverse individuals in various communities who have played a significant role in shaping my life.

“Community has always been a substantial part of my life, given the different teachings and values I have received within it that have contributed to the person I am today. Nevertheless, if I were to pinpoint particular individuals who have significantly influenced me in my life, they are my parents. They have journeyed with me throughout my entire life, providing unwavering support for me in my pursuits along this journey.”

What is the story behind your spiritual journey and the transformative moments that brought you to a personal understanding and connection with Christ?

“I cannot pinpoint an exact moment when I got to know Christ because I am a person who grew up in the church from a very young age. Throughout my life, I have been part of the Christian community. However, I would say that the time I developed a more intimate relationship with Christ was before my confirmation.”

Could you share the story behind your decision to pursue a career as a pastor?

“The amount of gratitude I have and the willingness to learn and serve God is what influenced my decision. Growing up, I have encountered numerous challenges and witnessed things that can break down an individual. These challenges have been experienced both in the broader society and within the church.

“However, through it all, God has always been on my side. His presence has empowered me and my loved ones to overcome the various obstacles we have encountered.

“The guidance, love, and protection He has offered me have made me incredibly grateful. Consequently, one day I decided that I want to learn more about Him and teach others about Him so that they too may share the beauty, love, and grace that I have experienced in my life through God.

What was your theological field of study and your mentor or study leader who guided you during your academic pursuits?

“I would say that my favourite theological discipline, and where my heart has always been, is practical theology, particularly pastoral care. In the past years, I have also found a passion for reconciliation work and sought to merge it with pastoral care.

“The person who has guided, taught, supported, and pushed me to reach my potential has been Dr Dawid Mouton. The reason for that is because he was not just a supervisor but also a person who was genuinely interested in what was going on in my life. He was someone who would check how I am coping not just in academics but in general life as well, which played a pivotal role in my academic performance.”

What vision do you hold for the church, and in what ways do you aspire to make a positive impact on your faith community?

“My vision and dream for the church are to foster greater harmony between the Afrikaans-speaking and the Xhosa-speaking congregation practices. It is my aspiration that we become less isolated from one another because I believe we can learn significantly from each other and work more efficiently together. In a sense, I want to take more steps towards becoming the ‘United’ Reformed Church.

“In some of the places I have been, I have realised that congregations tend to rely too heavily on the minister and the church leaders. When there is no minister or leaders, people may become distant from the church and feel lost because they don’t know what to do. People are often not adequately equipped and lack the enthusiasm to serve when leaders are absent.

“In light of this, my dream is to empower the people I will be leading, starting with the church leaders, and then encouraging them to involve congregants in the planning and execution of church events and activities. This approach aims to reduce dependence on leaders and enable people to grow together in the church.

Lastly, my dream also involves actively engaging the youth in our church and helping them realise that they too have a purpose and role that is important in God’s plan.”

Aside from your studies, what hobbies or interests do you engage in?

“I am a huge sports and music enthusiast. I appreciate various sports, having played rugby and tennis, and having a love for swimming and athletics. However, the sport that I would say I love the most is soccer.

“I have always been a music lover, whether it be listening to it or performing it, as I was also once part of the choir.”


Contact Prop. Kholosa Gxabe at 083 773 7858 or [email protected]