Prop. Sabrina September’s birthplace is a small town in the platteland, namely Saron near Porterville in the Swartland.

Could you share details about your birthplace and the significant influencers in your life during your childhood?

“During my childhood, there were a few people who had a significant influence on my life.

“Firstly, my late grandmother, Anna Barron, for her character and values—she was a very hardworking woman and a woman of faith.

“Secondly, my mother, Caroline September, inspires me daily. She is a strong woman who has crossed boundaries to ensure her children have access to opportunities. She made sacrifices, alongside my father.

“Lastly, my father, Melvin September, and my brother, Delano September, inspired me to never settle for less, to dream big, and to pursue my purpose in life.”

Could you please share the story of how you came to know Christ?

“Since I can remember, Christ has been all that I ever knew from the beginning of my life journey. My devoutly Reformed family, especially my grandmother and mother, instilled the love of God and the love for God in me.”

Could you tell us the story behind your decision to pursue a career as a pastor?

“I can remember at the age of 18, just before I had to apply for university, I received my calling. It was so intense that I didn’t think twice when I had to make the decision to become a pastor. I just knew I had to listen to the voice of God. My character, gifts, and talents also made it easy for me to pursue a career as a pastor.”

What was your theological field of study and your mentor or study leader who guided you during your academic pursuits?

“My BDiv (Bachelor of Divinity) research focused on feminist theology, narratives (especially women’s narratives, women’s stories of suffering and survival), human flourishing, liberation theology, and feminist spirituality, while my MDiv (Master of Divinity) research focused on feminist anthropology.

“My study leader was Prof. Robert Vosloo in Systematic Theology. I also enjoy having fruitful conversations with Dr Lisel Joubert in Ecclesiology.

What vision do you hold for the church, and in what ways do you aspire to make a positive impact on your faith community?

“Human flourishing has always been a vision for the church that I hold near to my heart. My vision for the church is to be present in the lives of everyone so that they can flourish.

“The church needs to be where the people are. Building relationships and being present in the struggles and joys of people is one way of making a positive impact on my faith community where I will be called in the future.”

Aside from your studies, what hobbies or interests do you engage in?

“I like to spend time with my loved ones, being social, going on adventures, or taking a road trip.

“I enjoy reading and writing, and when I am not engaged in these activities, I like to take my Jack Russell, Tessa, for a walk.”


Contact Prop September at 081 877 9913 or [email protected]