Prop. Kyle Wanya Mendoor was born and raised in Moorreesburg, a beautiful town in the Swartland region of the Western Cape.

Tell us more about your birthplace and the key individuals who greatly influenced your formative years.

“I am the youngest child of my parents, Kowa and Johannes (deceased in 2022) Mendoor. I completed my primary school career at Laurie Hugo Primary, where I served as the head boy and also earned the title of Dux learner in 2015.

“The teachers at Laurie Hugo Primary provided invaluable guidance in my life, and with their motivation, I went on to attend Wesbank Secondary School in Malmesbury. I also served as the head boy in high school, where I successfully matriculated in 2018.

“My mother is the most influential figure who has played a pivotal role in my formation and education. She has been my unwavering supporter since day one. She is a woman of few words, but her eyes and smile convey the pride she has in me. She didn’t have the same opportunities in her childhood that I have now, and that’s my driving force — to make my mother proud and that she can share in my success every day.

“I grew up facing challenges, and life wasn’t easy for us, but at the age of 17, I had a transformative encounter with the Lord. This encounter inspired me to become more involved in my church activities, and as a result, I received my calling. The Lord has always been good to us.”

What is the story behind your spiritual journey and the transformative moments that brought you to a personal understanding and connection with Christ?

“After my public confession of faith, our congregation offered a preaching course. Although I was only 16 years old, I enrolled, and my aunt covered the R100 fee. I was eager to learn how the biblical text is analyzed and shaped into a sermon.

“My baptism holds significant value for me, and I believe that by virtue of my baptism, I am part of the family of Christ. I often reflect on my own baptism, which took place on 7 November 2004, and I carry the mark that signifies my belonging to the family of Christ. My baptism also assures me of God’s love and protection.”

Could you share the story behind your decision to pursue a career as a pastor?

“In 2017, on Pentecost, I received my calling. I applied for theology in 2018 and commenced my theological studies at Stellenbosch University’s Faculty of Theology in 2019.

The term ‘theology’ was initially unfamiliar to me, and I wasn’t sure how to approach learning to become a ‘Dominee.’ I conducted some research on the profession, and I became extremely excited. Over the past five years, everything has gone well for me, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my studies in theology. It has been a wonderful experience and an invaluable opportunity to equip myself for the ministry.

I am convinced that God wants to use me in His work of service, and since 2017, I have never looked back. I continue to live out my calling every day. It is not easy, but walking the path with Jesus Christ is undeniably worthwhile.”

What was your theological field of study and your mentor or study leader who guided you during your academic pursuits?

“I have a love for spirituality, especially Reformed Spirituality, and I am always curious about how people understand spirituality and the changes that take place inside and outside the church, and their influence on a person’s spirituality. I also often read about how the early church addressed issues and how the modern church can learn from the early church.

“My research title for my bachelor’s degree in 2022 was: ‘n Herbesoek aan die Monastiese Spiritualiteit in dialoog met die Gereformeerde Spiritualiteit. My research title for my master’s degree was: Die Belydenis van Belhar: ʼn Geloofsdokument vir spiritualiteitsvorming in die 21ste eeu? I wrote both of my research papers in Ecclesiology (Church History), supervised by Dr Lisel Joubert.”

What vision do you hold for the church, and in what ways do you aspire to make a positive impact on your faith community?

“My master’s degree research thesis inspired me so much and actually challenges me to pay attention to the spiritual formation of members in the congregations, especially drawing from the Confession of Belhar.

“I would very much like to read the Confession of Belhar with members through a spiritual lens and make the pillars of this confession part of their daily lives. I believe that many more resources can be created from the Confession of Belhar for liturgy in the worship service, enabling people to incorporate this confession into the liturgies of their lives. I believe that we should approach the Confession of Belhar with a spiritual lens of friendship.

“I believe that these spiritual practices can help a person make a positive contribution to a church community. I enter into ministry with the following question: ‘Hoe gaan die Belydenis van Belhar ons help om binne en buite die kerk ‘n verskil te maak?'”

Aside from your studies, what hobbies or interests do you engage in?

“I like spending time with myself, being quiet, and meditating. I enjoy the silence and just resting. Furthermore, I appreciate spending time with my loved ones. I also like coffee and a good meal.”


Contact Prop. Kyle Wanya Mendoor at 064 435 7759 or [email protected].