Prop. Vincent van Breda is the third of five children born from the marriage of Frederik and Vivienne van Breda. Two God-fearing people who actively lived sympathetically within the then DR Mission Church congregation, Bonteheuwel.

“It is in this house and in this church where the foundations of my faith in Jesus Christ have been laid,” says Prop. Van Breda. “Early on, the foundation of our personal faith in the Good News of Jesus Christ, was meant to be carried out into the world. As part of a singing and drama group from this congregation, built around the catechumen, I had the privilege from an early age to see and experience for myself the working of the Spirit of God as we toured with the message of the Good News of Jesus Christ.

“It was especially during my years as a member of the Christian Youth Ministry of Mitchells Plain in the eighties, that this Good News of Jesus Christ, as also specifically meant for our world and in the South African society, broke through.

“To be enrolled for training as a minister of the Word was a spontaneous result of all the above-mentioned life experiences. This is especially so regarding Ephesians 4: 1-16 with its multiple emphases, especially: ‘to act worthy of the calling to which we have been called’; that we as believers ‘have all received gifts for our service to one another’; that our standard is ‘the full greatness of Christ’, which has an ever-continuing formative influence on me.”

Contact Prop. Van Breda at [email protected] or call him at +27 76 723 7307 for more information.