Prop. Ntsika Tyityi is a family-loving, and according to himself a “socializing and talkative” person who is very fond of people.

He was born on 1 November 1994 in the lovely Karoo town, Hanover, Northern Cape as the last-born child of his parents, Mkhumbuzi (Mndlane) and Nompumelelo (Mampondomise) Tyityi. He grew up in Hanover where he completed his primary school education at Hanover Primary School and his secondary school education at Phakamisani High School.

“As a child, my aunts from both my mother’s and my father’s side loved me dearly because I was the last-born of their second generation, and they made sure that I grew up in the church. The youth members of the church who were older than me also played a huge role in letting me feel at home there since a young age,” says Prop. Tyityi.

After school, Prop. Tyityi took a gap year and then started his studies in theology at Stellenbosch University in 2016.

“My thesis was Vashti’s right to say No re-reading Esther 1:10-12 in African Marriages context, doing a feminist biblical interpretation. My supervisor, Prof. Julie Claassens, played a massive role in nurturing my interest in fighting against GBV,” Prop. Tyityi explains. “It is of utmost importance to me that every girl will understand that she can be whatever she wants to be in this world … I want to be the first one to see nothing but prosperity in women’s lives.”

And his dream for his future congregation? “I want it to be the centre of information – a place that can be available for after school reading and a place where the fulfilment of the needs of less fortunate children, especially girls, will be a very high priority.”

As a people-loving person, it comes of course as no surprise that Prop. Tyityi is also very fond of reading and watching documentaries.

Contact Prop Tyityi at [email protected] or 071 313 1330 for more information.