Prop. Shaneeze Dilgee is one of our new proponents who, by the way, also loves running and enjoys hikes and outdoor life. But who is she?

Shaneeze was born on 22 August 1976 to her parents, Arthur and Patricia, and grew up in Lavender Hill on the outskirts of the Cape Flats. It is also here that she attended Steenberg High School.

But how did it happen that she decided to become a pastor? She explains, “As a child, I was strongly influenced by the late evangelist Jonathan Joseph that taught me to stand firm in my calling and to listen to the voice of God.”

After school, though, she followed a career in Audit and Accounting for 19 years. In these years she decided to become a pastor. She explains, “I did it in order to help people on their journey of healing through trauma and past hurt. As a divorced woman I could testify to God’s grace when dealing with pain and hurt.”

Shaneeze decided to go to Stellenbosch University for her theological studies and completed her BTh in 2021. Her final year thesis was about “URCSA student training in the field of property and finance” – a very useful study in service of the church.

And what is her dream for the church? She says, “My dream for the church and future congregation is to help congregants to be well rounded people, not just spiritually but as far as possible to be well equiped in all spheres of life.”

Contact Prop. Shaneeze Dilgee at [email protected] or 073 744 8820¬†for more information.