Prop. Pieter Windvogel is a child of the Cape Winelands in Robertson. He is the son of Jan Jakobus Windvogel (deceased 28 years ago) and Susanna Johanna (neé Keyster).

As a child, his father had a great influence on his life. “I could always go to him with any issue that came my way. The relationship between my father and me was more than just a father and son; we were like friends and sometimes also like brothers,” says Pieter. “During my teenage years, my father was always present in my life. During this time in my life, my mother also played a role to some extent. ”

In addition to having his formative years at Robertson, his family at Montagu, where he enjoyed visiting during school holidays, also helped shape him as a person.

He completed his junior school years at De Villiers Primary School and obtained his National Senior Certificate at Langeberg Senior Secondary School.

Pieter continues, “Right at the beginning of my adult life, my father sadly passed away but I was able to continue my life in part with the guidance of my mother. However, it was after I met my wife, Althea, that there would be a turning point in my life. Together with her brother, Rev. J.D. Wiese, they played a comprehensive role in my life. Someone else who also played a big role in my life at this time was a friend with whom I worked at Market Toyota, Cecil Isaacs. He could always give guidance and we could talk about any issue. He always offered support and help.”

But how did it happen that Pieter became a Christian? He explains, “I believe I was born a Christian, even though I could not understand what it was all about. Also during my teenage and adult years, I was inspired to move closer to God through what I observed in the lives of other Christians and especially my wife. I wanted to experience the same, especially what Althea had.”

He goes on to say, “Then I believe that the circumstances in which you grow up and in which you live also shape you as a person to develop to the best of your ability. Every choice one makes is, after all, your own choice. However, God has done the greatest work of my life.”

And how did it happen that he decided to become a minister? Pieter says, “I have always wanted to become a minister, from childhood. However, my life first took a few turns. I had a second chance at a near-death experience and when I was healed, I wanted to give my all for the Lord’s work and for Him.

“My thesis originated in my 4th year. With my BDiv thesis I wrote about The Worship of God in URCSA Montagu; On the go with biblical guidelines. I hooked on it, 2 Chronicles 7: 12-22. From this text, I wanted to see what biblical guidelines we can use today. Possibly we can also learn from the Chronicles’ context, the 4th century BC, where we went wrong and how to improve.

“My MDiv thesis dealt with The Contextually responsible interpretation of Old Testament texts in the context of URCSA Montagu. I have attached the texts of 2 Chronicles 7: 1-22 to it. In the MDiv thesis, however, I do a comparative study between 2 Chronicles 7: 1-22 with the Chronicle’s source text, 1 Kings 9: 1-9. With this thesis, I examined whether the interpretation of the texts was not such that it could also lead to the misconception of our people and also the congregation and in the broad context of congregations regarding the worship of God.”

During this time Pieter’s family played a major role. He says, “During my years of study, my wife and family formed an integral part of my studies. My study was actually a team effort that included my whole family. Dr Philander also played a major role during my years of study. I could make an appointment with him at any time if he was available and we could talk about the study and sometimes also about personal issues that he was always willing to help with.”

His dreams for a congregation? He answers, “We are children of God and yet we have lived over the years as if God is only an occasional-God. When we need Him, we will approach Him. With God’s help, my family and I would like to reflect with the congregation on God’s involvement in our history and daily living conditions. We also want to reflect on how important it is that we depend on God every day of our lives. As a congregation and community of God, we as the Church cannot live apart from each other. Only together, as a community and with God’s help and in his presence, can we hope for a New Heaven and New Earth. There where no more death and destruction will be present; that we will live in love for one another and care for one another as Jesus did while working on earth.”

Pieter’s family is very important to him. He also has a lot of interests of which the most special one is the mystery of God. However, he also loves reading, gardening, hiking, cooking and just being quiet. They currently live against the Waboomsberg in Montagu where he, fortunately, does not need to go looking for silence now; it’s right at his doorstep!

“What is close to my heart is all the devastation, rape and murder that takes place among my people. That is why I sometimes wonder if we are good Christians, and if we are, then why do we do these bad things to ourselves?” Pieter wonders.

Contact prop. Windvogel at 079 477 8443 or [email protected] for more information.