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Tips For Recording Sermons

1. Focus on sound quality. Find an absolutely quiet place for recording. No background noices i.e. dogs barking, kids playing.
2. If possible find a background relevant to the topic. Create the right atmosphere.
3. Wear different attire for each recording. This will prevent people from confusing your latest recording with previous video clips.
4. Ensure that all phones in the room are on silent in order to mute incoming calls/ messages.
5. Place the camera on the same height as the person being recorded (eye level) to avoid looking up or down to the camera.
6. Use objects if and when possible to illustrate points i.e. clay pots, shoes, cross. This will make the recording visually more interesting.
7. Don’t post once a week only. Regular posts help to grow the Facebook page of your congregation and the views of your own recordings.
8. Post as early as possible on Sunday mornings
9. The video can rather be too short than too long. Be data sensitive.
10. Once loaded the video should be horizontal, not vertical.