Prop. Wilden Fayzel Hector (24) was born and bred in Piketberg, Swartland. He attained his primary and secondary education in Piketberg at Steynville Primary and Steynville Secondary School respectively. As academics are very important to him he excelled as the top candidate of his school in the NSS exams of his grade 12 year.

He says, “My parents continue to inspire me and they were instrumental in my spiritual development. It takes a village to raise a child and therefore I must also acknowledge the role that my mentor, Rev. Walter Philander (URCSA Piketberg), played and continue to play in my development.”

After school he went to study Theology at Stellenbosch University, where he obtained his BDiv in 2018 and his MDiv in 2019. He was legitimated as proponent in December 2019.

His BDiv thesis “Die Nagmaal as ‘n fees van onvoorwaardelike insluiting en gasvryheid”  focused on the eucharist in the discipline of Systematic Theology (Sacramentology), especially the 1857 decision by the Synod of the Dutch Reformed Church to have separate eucharist tables ‘because of the weakness of some’, meaning the prejudice of some of the white members. This paved the way for racially segregated churches; an ideology that was build on the irreconcilability of people.

Prop. Hector explains, “I am therefore passionate about church unity. I want to embody the Confession of Belhar in my ministry from within URCSA as well as with the Reformed Family of Churches in Southern Africa.”

His MDiv Thesis “Trauma and eucharist? Re-membering the wounded and dis-membered body of Christ: In conversation with Shelly Rambo” uses a trauma theoretical framework to dissect the ongoing trauma that is so pervasive in the South African Society. Prop. Hector argues that the eucharist as an ongoing liturgy can speak to this woundedness.

“Through my academic research it is my conviction and priority that my ministry should embody church unity and address the wounds and trauma of the past that is still not past, the past systems of injustices that continue to haunt us,” he says.

Prop. Hector is involved in the CYM and the CMM. He has had the opportunity to be linked to different congregations for exposure throughout his study years: URCSA Simondium, Piketberg, Eersterivier where all of these contexts shaped his ministry.

He enjoys playing the piano, organ and listening to music.

Contact Prop. Hector at [email protected] or 073 610 1112 for more information.