Prop. Zolani None (30) was born in Port Elizabeth, Zwide Location. He studied at Theodor Herzl Primary and matriculated there in 2008. He obtained a Diploma in Advertising Management from Varsity Collage and completed his undergrade (BDiv) in 2018 and his MDiv in 2019.

He attended church in the Seyisi Congregation in Port Elizabeth where he was an active CYM member. From there he came to study at Stellenbosch and did his practicals at Lwandle Congregation under the guidance and leadership of Rev. Vingqi.

Many people have played a vital role in his spiritual life, especially his parents, Eric None and May Magwai. His entire family has been a great support system. He also had great mentors in his life who have been there for him – their guidance and wisdom had been a blessing in his life. “I am grateful for them because I would not have been here if it was not for them. Throughout my life so far my loved ones reminded me every day of my potential; it is their belief in me that keeps me going,” says Prop. None.

Prop. None has a great interest in church polity and history because he just wants to know more and more about the church he loves. His other interest is pastoral care work; he loves working with people.

According to Prop. None the youth faces severe challenges that have lead to depression, abuse against women and children and the LBGTQI++ community.  Another challenge the church is facing is building good male role models to shape and groom the young men of our communities. “Some issues we choose not to talk about because we do not want to shame the family name. Families are facing strains and being family orientated creates that love and bond. This is one of the things I set to heart when I think about ministry (Umntu ngumtu ngabantu),” explains Prop. None.

His dream for this country is seeing a united country  and embracing our diversity. He would also like to see equal opportunities for young people, upgrading townships and rural area schools. To see young black children dream again – great role models that uplift the youth of today positively – young girls, ladies, mothers walking without fear in their own land.

Prop. None’s Master’s research was done with the guidance of Prof. M.A.  Plaatjies van Huffel: 50/50 Principle in the light of unity and embodiment in the Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa in the Cape Synod.

Prop. None is a sports fanatic and he enjoys listening and analyzing music and movies.

Contact Prop. None at  067 779 3387 or 072 691 9285  or [email protected]