05May 2020

Reporting in this past weekend’s local newspapers about centralizing any food supply and aid to communities in need are causing turmoil and uncertainty in congregations. Along with this, there are municipal letters and statements in the same vein from other parts of the country that are circulating on social media and deepening this concern. Read more about the […]

29Apr 2020

Moderators Rev Nelis Janse van Rensburg (DRC) and Dr Llewellyn MacMaster (URC) call on us: Diaconia, the joint compassion ministry of the Synod of the Dutch Reformed Church in the Western Cape and the Uniting Reformed Church Cape Region Synod, have announced their disaster relief strategy to improve food security and humanitarian aid in the […]

28Apr 2020

Moderators ds Nelis Janse van Rensburg (NGK) en dr Llewellyn MacMaster (VGK) doen ‘n beroep op ons:   Diaconia, die gesamentlike barmhartigheidsbediening van die NG Sinode van Wes-Kaapland en die Verenigende Gereformeerde Kerk Streeksinode Kaapland, stel vandag hulle rampondersteuningstragie bekend om voedselsekuriteit en humanitêre hulp in die provinsie te verbeter. Dit kom ondanks die feit […]

07Apr 2020

Support Ministry for Communication Publication and Archives ( SMCPA) Tips For Recording Sermons 1. Focus on sound quality. Find an absolutely quiet place for recording. No background noices i.e. dogs barking, kids playing. 2. If possible find a background relevant to the topic. Create the right atmosphere. 3. Wear different attire for each recording. This […]

07Apr 2020

The corona virus (COVID-19) lockdown phase where churches and schools are closed, forced church leaders to find alternative ways to communicate with their members and followers. One way is to make use of digital technology and social media platforms. Below is a list of practical tips and guidelines for ministers and pastors who are recording, […]

19Mar 2020

In the Pastoral letter dated 17 March 2020 (Pastoral letter)   the Moderamen presented several guidelines concerning Covid-19. In the Pastoral letter the Moderamen invited all Ministers, Congregations and Communities to pray for our country on Sunday, 22 March 2020. Please find a litany to be used for personal meditation when praying together with others: […]

18Mar 2020

Is COVID-19 a curse or a blessing? If one would have asked the Israelites during their experience at Rephidim (Exodus 17:1-7) whether the desert was a curse or a blessing, they most certainly would have said that it was a curse. They arrived there, with their children and livestock, a thirsty people; just to realise […]

17Mar 2020

For Attention: Ministers, Church Councils, Congregations Please click on these links to open the official copy of the Pastoral Letter from the Moderamen with guidelines concerning the outbreak of the covid-19 virus. AFRIKAANS Pastorale brief VGKSA Kaapstreek COVID-19 Xhosa Pastoral letter Cape Regional Synod – Covid-19 Pastoral letter regarding COVID-19 (URCSA Cape Region) (Attachment 1) […]